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Asha Agrawal

Favorite way to adventure: Trail Running, Nordic Skiing, Kayaking, Campfire Building

Favorite pump up song: You Can Call Me Al

Favorite quote: "Distilling what I learned, I came up with a kind of ultrasimple coda: Go outside, often, and sometimes in wild spaces. Bring friends or not. Breathe." - Florence Williams

Favorite adventure food: Burritos!

Favorite Adventure for HeyHeys: Heyheys & Huckleberries!

Favorite Adventure: I recently took my heyheys adventuring in Montana. After days of exploring dense forest, swimming in alpine lakes, and avoiding brown bears(!), I thought I had experienced everything the area had to offer. That was until I stumbled into town and learned about huckleberry ice cream - a local favorite that has now taken first place in my list of favorite ice cream flavors. What a treat!


Your Dream Adventure: I'm looking forward to renting a van and traveling through the trails of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest with my golden retriever pup and heyheys!

Whenever I put on my heyheys, I know I've got the right ingredient to have an epic adventure :)