Key Details:

  • Register:  Save your spot by ordering a pair of HeyHeys (below)
  • HeyHeys Delivery Date: week of 10/3/2016
  • Date: Sunday 10/9/2016
  • Start: 8:00am Twin Peaks (check in at 7:30am)
  • Finish: 11:30am Off the Grid, Presidio
  • Distances: 10k distance and 13.2 mile distance
  • Elevation Gain: 1765ft
  • Who: Seriously fun adventurers!
  • Route Map and Directions:
  • Playlist:


  • HeyHeys - Fun Tights for Big Adventures are just that.  Adventures follow the trails: on mountaintops, along oceanside cliffs, through national parks, and across other adventurers, both in the backcountry and even close to home.  
  • The HeyHeys SF Trail Challenge brings HeyHeys’ outdoor spirit to San Francisco along a course that cuts through 12 parks and 4 neighborhoods over 13 panoramic miles and 1765ft of climbing.  
  • Start atop Twin Peaks and journey down to Ocean Beach, along the Bluffs, under the Golden Gate Bridge for a picnic finish at Off the Grid in the Presidio.  
  • Discover hidden trails, new neighborhoods, breathtaking views, and heaps of new friends while blazing a new classic route to the city in a fresh pair of HeyHeys!


  • Capacity: This challenge is limited to 60 entrants
  • Attire: HeyHeys (prder below)
  • Bandits: extra points for picking up new runners along the way.
  • Aid Stations: There are no designated aid stations on the challenge but the route passes several bodegas / coffee / flower / pizza shops (see route info for suggestions).
  • Road Crossings: This is an open course - look both ways before sprinting across the road!
  • Headphones: Headphones are encouraged. Follow HeyHeys_Tights on spotify and download the SF Trail Challenge playlist!
  • Timing: This challenge is self-timed - bring your phone and bring a watch!
  • Choose your own adventures: The course has multiple small forks - take the most inspiring route to ensure you finish at 11:30am
  • Photostops: extra points for taking 3 amazing photos in your HeyHeys along the way!
  • Start Time: 8am sharp!  Please gather at 7:30am for group photo!
  • Finish Time: 11:30am sharp.  That’s 3.5 hours out in the wild before finish & meetup for stories, awards, and celebration!  If you finish prior to 11:30am go back and take more photos!
  • Getting to / from the course: carpool or take a Lyft to the start


  • most adventurous photos
  • most adventurers picked up along the way
  • best aid station discovery
  • most “choose your own adventure routes” taken
  • most social media posts 



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